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Dzienne Archiwa: 18 stycznia 2018

„Il ya quelque chose en haut qui derange les desseins des mortels.”

Il ya quelque chose en haut qui derange les desseins des mortels.”  Walerian Łukasiński

Translated from French: “There is something above, that ruins the designs of mortals „(or: “that interferes with the intentions of mortals”).

Il ya quelque chose en haut … “. “There is something above …”

Is there, in fact, anything high above? Various groups of agnostics and atheists argue, that there is not, and everything is the result of evolution. The theists insist there is. „Intentions of mortals” – are they not seen in the actions of men, or maybe have not been observed yet, those manifestations of higher intelligence, or a superior wisdom high above? The answer to these discussions lies in a metaphorical presentation of a 4D printer.

As we know, the three basic dimensions of physical space are: height, width and depth. They are supplemented by time, which gives a significant sense to these dimensions. “Panta rhei” – everything flows. You could say everything is submerged in time. Man is born and dies. In the Universe stars are born and die. All is „sunk” in the time-space. Well, how is the 4D printer related to this concept? This is just a metaphor, a cognitive ‘shortcut’, by which I would like to prove, that the manifestations of such a broadly defined „intelligence” was, is and will still have an impact on our actions. This kind of „journey through time”, this unquestionable imperative, is personified in the prophecies of Nostradamus, Malachi and others. The crowning example of this „influence” is the Voynich manuscript, the meaning of which is contained in a single statement; that it is a print, of course symbolic, from a time-space printer. Who ‘dispatched’ this coded message and when it was ‘sent’, is impossible to uncover. What is of crucial importance, however, is the ability to decipher its hidden meaning. Yet another issue is the method, or the „spiritus movens” of the dispatch.

In the seventies, US researchers sent the probe – Pioneer 10 – into space. Its task was to reach as far as possible into our universe. An aluminum plate covered with a thin layer of gold was placed on the probe’s trunk. There was an engraved, coded drawing on the plate. This drawing demonstrated the development level of our civilization, and was intended as a signal addressed to the other intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations. The information included: our position in the solar system, our species – male and female characters on the background of the space probe –and the level of our knowledge – the scheme of hydrogen in two different chemical processes. The man sent into space his „Credo”, waiting for any response.

Voynich manuscript is like that Pioneer 10 aluminum plate in the sense of its purpose. Suppose that a hypothetical alien civilization studies the structure of that plate coated with gold. Or scrutinizes the symbols on the plate: some inclined to the right, some to the left. Or maybe they will examine the plate under the electron microscope with an accuracy of billions of pixels. Its significance, however, lies in the schematic message and in the knowledge, that will be revealed after an intelligent deciphering is applied, and not in the pattern or color of the plate. This is also the case of individual folios of the Voynich Manuscript. It is not about the intricate text, shape of letters, or the word frequency, but about an intelligent message encoded in the illustrations. Each of the individual pages of the Voynich Manuscript encodes different information.

As for the herbal part (historical), a written text does not matter, only illustrations count, which in encrypted manner inform about important events, which took place in universal history. Furthermore, they prophesy the events that will occur in the future. The Pioneer 10 plate describes the current state of our knowledge, the manuscript goes even further. It is a proof not only of the existence of „something up there”, but also of the fact that the capabilities of this intelligence go far beyond our understanding. It can be exemplified in the whole concept of time expansion, the phenomenon based on the differences in the time measurements carried out simultaneously in two different reference systems, which are moving in a parallel manner.

The herbal part is, according to me, a compendium of knowledge about the evolution of life on Earth – from its cosmological aspect, through the evolution of Man (Darwin’s theory), prehistory, history, till contemporary times. Here the author encrypted all the important events from our history with such precision, that many school textbooks would have envied its accuracy. Furthermore, encrypted manuscript illustrations do not only describe contemporary events but also those that we will only witness in the future, and this is what makes the manuscript so amazingly unique.

Another part of the Voynich Manuscript – biological – in a graphic, or symbolic way, presents the knowledge of the essential components of human physiology. This is not a story about balneotherapy, or methods of treatment in a spa. This part must be understood in the same way as described by Albert Barillé in the French animated series: “Il Etait Une Fois … La Vie” – “Once Upon a Time … Life”.


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Jest coś wyższego w górze, które miesza zamiary śmiertelnych (co przeszkadza zamiarom śmiertelników).
Walerian Łukasiński
Bo chociaż wszystko się dzieje według tego logosu zawsze, zawsze ludzie tego nie pojmują.
Człowiek zmienia się stale i wciąż odnawia w niekończącym się ciągu, który nazywamy czasem.
Człowiek będzie musiał pojąć czas
i opanować go. Albowiem czas jest nasieniem wszechświata.
Gdy wszyscy wiedzą, że coś jest niemożliwe, przychodzi ktoś, kto o tym nie wie, i on to robi.
Albert Einstein

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